Gelleråsen 2012

3th place in a very wet race!

With very big steeringproblems we are very happy to manage 3th place.
The rain was so heavy time to time that it was zero visebility in full speed, it was a vild guess every lap at the end of the straight.
The enginge was a little bit to powerful in the corners and it was very tricky to get grip and exit speed.

Now we have some steering job to do and we will be back at the beginning of september.

Stay tuned !!

Racekalendern är spikad för 2012

Nu bli det åka av igen.. Ta fram din telefon eller annan almanacka och plita dit dessa datum.

21/4 lördag Kinnekulle Licenskurs
22/4 söndag Kinnekulle 1 4-timmars och Sprint
Gelleråsen 4-timmars och Sprint
Kinnekulle 2 4-timmars och Sprint
23/9 söndag Mantorp 4-timmars och Sprint
13/10 lördag Knutstorp 4-timmars och Sprint, Final med avslutningsfest